Storage Heaters

Replacing old storage heaters with new heaters that have better heat retention and improved controls can keep you warmer and save you money on your bills. If you live in Orkney and your home heating is run on old storage heaters, you could be one of the thousands of households eligible for free or subsidised storage heater replacements.

Need help replacing your storage heaters?

Funding towards new storage heaters is allocated to us periodically and is expected to be consumed very quickly. Funding is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and our team are currently assessing applications – so make sure you register your details today.

Firefly Energi have funding for a number of other energy efficiency measures including:-

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The Benefits of Modern Storage Heaters

Modern slim line fan-assisted storage heaters are better insulated, so are more able to store heat - that can be used when you need it, rather than leaking heat constantly throughout the day. Their heat output is more controllable, so you can heat a room up faster or keep it cool if you’re not using it. Here at Firefly Energi we fit Dimplex Quantum Heaters.

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Modern Storage Heater Controls

Modern controls on storage heaters allow you to set a thermostat so that the heater switches off when it has reached a certain temperature. A heater with automatic charge controls will automatically control how much heat it stores overnight, depending on the heater's internal thermostat as well as changes in daily weather patterns.